Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana Stigma, Why We Need To Change Their Opinion

In California, the move to vote for the recreational use of marijuana would have passed were it not for the senior citizens’ failure to vote in its favor. One would ask, “why such resistance coming from the aging population?” Well, maybe the issue stems from many years ago when marijuana was entirely regarded as a liability in the society. Growing with the negative connotations given to marijuana, the senior citizens who were then young cannot believe how things have turned around for this herb. Most of these people had bad experiences with cannabis and the thought of embracing it has been quite a challenge for them looking back at these dark experiences. Some of them became victims of people who abused marijuana. Having lived with intoxicated parents and struggling make ends meet on their own, the then children who are now senior citizens need through education on why they should consider using marijuana for whatever reason.

Many of these senior citizens have a lot of stories to tell. Most of them are not pleasant to their ears and at the mention of marijuana, the situation just gets worse. Owing to this past and historical experience, this group of people has all the reasons not to see the positive side of cannabis. This is where the root of misconceptions stemmed from. However, it is amazing how the herb is now being associated with positive things. Actually,the herb is best suited in addressing most of the health complications suffered by the elderly in the society today. Marijuana has medicinal characteristics that help in mitigating chronic pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Allowing themselves to live in the past, the elderly may definitely miss a lot because the herb is gaining more and more attention from almost half of the United States.

Reasons to Consider the Use of Medical Marijuana

Today, families, friends and relatives gather together to take cannabis in different forms to address certain illnesses and symptoms such as Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and pain among other health complications. Additionally, medical marijuana has been used in the lessening the painful effects of chemotherapy. It is only marijuana-related testimonials and documentaries that will help in passing this information to the elderly population. Apparently, there have been significant developments in persuading the senior citizens to turn to marijuana to treat most of the health complications that come due to old age.

Children are safely taking medical marijuana and have reported good progress recovering from their health conditions. The elderly have not been left out. Any elderly person with an eating problem, sleeping disorders, cancer, skin complications and seizures can use medical marijuana to address their condition. For many years, marijuana has been used by men especially by the Chinese where it has been used as an anti-inflammatory to address the adverse effects of rheumatoid arthritis. Ideally, medical cannabis has been used to treat pain related conditions in the human body.

Using Medical Marijuana Efficiently

There are different strains of marijuana and each has its specific characteristics and effects on the user. Knowing the effects a user is looking for is the first step towards gaining value from marijuana. The elderly don’t have to get worried over anything if they want to become medical marijuana patients. Marijuana doctors are there to guide anyone who considers the use of marijuana for medical reasons. In states where recreational marijuana is already decriminalized, would-be users can get state information and guidelines on how to go about it. Due to clearly set rules and regulations, there is responsible taking of cannabis and the senior citizens need to know that.

One of the strains of marijuana is Indica, which is good for addressing pain, sleeping issues and also brings calmness to the user. There is also another marijuana strain known as sativa that infuses a person’s body with energy and further stimulates appetite. This is very good for the elderly because they in most cases are weak and lack interest to eat. The good news is that, marijuana can be taken through many other ways other than smoking. It can be eaten in cookies or as part of common food recipes including drinks such as tea and coffee. All these are very useful ways for the elderly as the marijuana-fused products doubles as food and medicine. Therefore, retirees affected by the pains and aches of old age have a reason to be happy looking at all these medical marijuana benefits.

Seniors’ Main Health Complications Addressed through Marijuana

Prescription drugs have been in use during the times of cannabis criminalization. However, the results of their use have been accompanied by a number of side effects. Medical doctors over continued to offer other medications to counter these effects and apparently, not much have been achieved in improving the quality of life of the elderly. During the search for alternatives, medical marijuana has come out as a very reliable option. To stay focused and energetic, all that senior citizens need is medical cannabis. Here are some of the conditions that marijuana has been able to address: low energy levels, a decreased appetite for food, mental confusion, glaucoma, Insomnia, agitation as a result of a degenerative disease. It could also treat any condition related to dementia.

If there is a great friend of the elderly people, then that will be cannabis. This category of people faces precarious risks of losing appetite. This has been the main cause of loss of weight in most of them. Marijuana has worked well in addressing this condition, particularly dealing with nausea that stimulates appetite.  It is no doubt that this is what the senior citizens need. The fact is, the stigma around the use of medical cannabis is slowly fading away. Many people including children are proud of using this important herb with proven high quality medical properties. Therefore, there is no reason why senior citizens should cling on to their past experiences and shut off the door for marijuana. It is time for them to benefit!