floridamarijuanainfo.org is devoted to being the first – and best – Florida based organization focused on ensuring that the public has free access to incisive, authoritative, thought-provoking, and instructional information about “all things marijuana.” It is our mission to provide the most accurate and useful information about marijuana, with a focus on the sunshine state. We also strongly encourage our readers to interact with our community through our forum, comments sections, and blog.

We believe in the age-old saying “knowledge is power.” Our dedication to providing the most up-to-date information regarding the latest news, opinions, reports, legal updates and analysis, and cutting-edge scientific research to the Florida community is our only goal. As we all proceed forward to November, it is important to educate and discuss how the legalization of marijuana for medical use will impact the state of Florida; including Florida’s economy, health-care system, the travel industry, etc. We hope that our passion for knowledge about “everything marijuana” keeps you coming back for more.

At Florida Marijuana Info, we are “Cultivating knowledge, one click at a time!

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