There are a number of medical marijuana strains, which can be used for different injuries, ailments, or pain users are suffering from. Depending on the desired effects, and the type of pain relief one is hoping to attain, different strains will be prescribed or recommended to individuals, who have a medical marijuana card when it is available. 

Medical Marijuana Strains

Sativa –

This type of marijuana plant can vary from 6 to 25 ft in height. The leaves on the plant are long, thin fingered, and a lighter green color. As the drug matures, the leaves may begin to turn yellow, and begin to fall off the plant. The buds on this strain is far less dense than indica. The effect of this strain is generally a cerebral one; users will experience a feeling of optimism and well being, and the strain provides pain relief, for certain ailments. Certain plants in this strain are also high in THC levels, which results in a hallucinogenic state.

Sativa Marijuana Strain

Sativa – photo by Prichard

Indica strain –

These plants are generally short, 6 ft or under, the leaves are short, and have a darker green color, than Sativa strains. Once the plant matures, the leaves begin to turn a darker purple color. In contrast to Sativa, this medical marijuana strain produces a more pleasant “body buzz.” They help with stress relief, relaxation, and produce a sense of calm and serenity. This strain is also very effective for overall body and pain relief, and can often be used to treat insomnia.

Marijuana Strain - Indica

Indica – photo by Prichard

Hybrid –

A third of the medical marijuana strains, is the hybrid. As the name implies, it brings together a combination of Indica and Sativa strain, to provide relief, both on the mental (cerebral level), as well as pain relief for different injuries or ailments. Depending on the hybrid mix, the potency of the medical marijuana strain will vary, based on whether it is dominant in Sativa or Indica strains of marijuana plants.

Benefits of using Sativa strains –

Depending on the potency level of the strain, this sativa blend can treat a number of ailments; prescriptions generally help with: 

– Reducing nausea and stimulating the appetite.
– It can help fight depression, and bring about a positive, happy cerebral effect on the user.
– Relax muscles and help with pain levels.
– Can be used for treating conditions such as ADD or ADHD.
– Arthritic conditions, back pain, and muscle spasms can also be treated.

Of course the potency levels, and the type of sativa strain you are prescribed, will have an effect on the treatment of certain injuries and ailments. Due to the fact that it is a cerebral based strain, it can provide an overall feeling of well being, and help reduce pain levels, when used to treat different injuries.

Benefits of Indica strains –

Like sativa strains, the indica strain is also prescribed for a variety of conditions; treatment can range from:
– Pain reduction or working as a muscle relaxant.
– Spasm relief, and can be used to help reduce the possibility of having seizures.
– Works as a sleep aid, and can be prescribed to individuals who suffer from insomnia.
– Reduces inflammation, and helps reduce stress levels.
– It can also help reduce headaches and migraines.
This strain can also be used to help individuals with appetite problems, can be used to treat conditions like ADD, or anxiety. Depression is often treated with this strain of medical marijuana, as is epilepsy.

Effects of medical marijuana –

Whether using a hybrid, indica, or sativa strain, all three medical marijuana strains will have certain effects on users. Some of these include: increased appetite, higher energy levels, uplifting and stimulated arousal, or the strain can work as a sedative, which is best when taken before bed. Depending on the illness, ailment, or condition being treated, the different strains of marijuana, will be prescribed to different individuals.

Medical marijuana has gained more and more recognition over the years; not only as a means of treating various conditions, but also as a way to help treat pain, and other symptoms experienced, due to a condition which the user suffers from. When prescribed by a licensed doctor, and used as prescribed, these medical marijuana strains can do quite a bit of good for users, and in certain cases, can help treat their condition, as no other medicine or prescription is able to do.