Could Marijuana Tampons Make Periods Less of a Pain?

Because periods are such a routine part of a woman’s life, it is easy to forget that they can often be very painful. For many women, menstrual pain can be so debilitating that the quality of their life is diminished. So when a new product, aimed at reducing period pain hits the market, word gets around. The ‘marijuana tampon’ by Foria has people talking. The company claims that their marijuana tampons can curb period-related pain by administering medical marijuana directly to where it is needed. But what thousands of women want to know is, can it really end their monthly agony?

Before this goes any further, it must be noted that the term ‘marijuana tampon’ is a misnomer. Although the popular moniker ‘marijuana tampon’ has a much better ring to it, what is commonly referred to as a tampon is actually a suppository. The only similarity between Foria’s Relief suppositories and actual tampons is where they go when they are needed. They do not contain or control flow. Those hoping for a 2-for-1 special are out of luck. During menstruation, feminine hygiene products need to be used in conjunction with marijuana tampons.

What marijuana tampons are made from

The suppositories are made from THC oil, CBD and cocoa butter, which acts as the carrier. They work like any other suppository; after dissolving, they are absorbed into the body through the mucous membrane. After which, according to Foria, the pain-relieving qualities of marijuana go straight to the source of the discomfort to ease cramping and other menstrual-related pain. What you won’t get from using marijuana tampons is high. Sorry folks. But now that you know all of that, the question still remains- do they work?

Science or Myth?

If you’re looking for independent scientific studies on the effectiveness of marijuana tampons, there isn’t any. Thanks to marijuana’s curious relationship with the law, research on the benefits of medical marijuana is hampered. Despite the fact that marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years, despite the fact that medical marijuana dispensaries operate legally under state law in several states, despite the fact that pharmaceutical companies manufacture marijuana-based drugs and despite the fact that the United States government ships hat box-sized tins filled with perfectly rolled, high-grade marijuana to citizens for medicinal purposes (and has done so for decades), the federal government classifies marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This classification means (among other things) that, according to the DEA, marijuana has no medicinal benefits. That classification also means that research and clinical trials are largely inhibited.

However, many women who have used the product say that it works. The product has been getting some rave reviews. According to testimonials provided by the company and social media chatter, marijuana tampons can provide relief for people where other treatments have failed. In addition, marijuana tampons are an age-old remedy for womanly woes. Ancient medical texts list marijuana tampons as a way to ease menstrual pain, as well as a cure for some issues related to childbirth.

If you are a woman who suffers from dysmenorrhea, the medical term for extremely painful menstrual cycles, marijuana tampons may be the answer to your problems. Unlike many of the other treatments for dysmenorrhea, marijuana tampons are all-natural and pose none of the side effects or health risks associated with other medications and medical procedures. The hardest thing about using marijuana tampons is actually being able to use them. Because of marijuana’s ambiguous legal standing, Foria’s marijuana tampons are only available in two states: Colorado and California. But if you’re part of the 10% of women who have severe dysmenorrhea, and live outside of those two states, it just might be worth the trip.