floridamarijuanainfo.org aims to provide thorough information as voters decide on medical marijuana legalization in Florida.


Delray Beach, Fla., April 11, 2014—floridamarijuanainfo.org, the first website by a Florida-based organization dedicated to providing authoritative, accurate information on all things marijuana, has launched.

floridamarijuanainfo.org is focused on providing Florida voters and the public with free access to thought-provoking and instructional content, as well as a community experience through forums, commenting and blogs.

Current article topics available on floridamarijuanainfo.org include:

In the spirit of “knowledge is power,” floridamarijuanainfo.org will be continuously updated with news, opinions, reports, legal, economic and scientific developments, and analysis. Updates on Florida’s upcoming ballot measure will educate potential voters on the pros and cons of legalizing medical marijuana in the Sunshine State.

“We are pleased and excited to provide the public with the comprehensive information they need to make sound decisions regarding medical marijuana use and legalization in Florida,” said David Cohn, Editor. “floridamarijuanainfo.org reflects our passion for knowledge about everything marijuana. Our goal is to provide engaging content that inspires reader interaction and builds community.”

floridamarijuanainfo.org is currently sponsoring an article-writing contest, with cash prizes for winners in each of two categories. The deadline for submitting articles is Sunday, April 20 2014.

For more information on the article-writing contest, please visit www.floridamarijuanainfo.org/article-writing-contest. For more information on floridamarijuanainfo.org, please visit www.floridamarijuanainfo.org.


About floridamarijuanainfo.org

floridamarijuanainfo.org is devoted to being the first—and best—Florida-based organization focused on ensuring that the public has free access to incisive, authoritative, thought-provoking, and instructional information about “all things marijuana.” Our mission to provide the most accurate and useful information about marijuana, with a focus on the Sunshine State. We also strongly encourage our readers to interact with our community through our forum, comments sections, and blog at www.floridamarijuanainfo.org.