With the debate on legalizing medicinal marijuana in Florida moving forward, voters should know the pros and cons of each method of marijuana consumption. People have consumed marijuana in various forms, be it a joint or a pot brownie, for ages. There are now more ways to use your medicinal marijuana than ever. While smoking may be the tradition, these alternative methods of using marijuana are growing in popularity.

The Five Best Ways To Use Medical Marijuana

Ways to Use Medical Cannabis - SmokingSMOKING

Marijuana is most commonly smoked. It can be rolled into a joint or smoked out of a pipe.This is the easiest method of consumption because it requires little to no preparation. The effects of marijuana when smoked come almost immediately. This is useful for a patient who needs fast acting relief. Patients who have trouble breathing should avoid smoking marijuana, as smoke inhalation will likely cause health complications.

 Ways to Use Medical Marijuana - EatingEATING

Marijuana edibles have been a large part of weed culture since the ‘60s, and are a popular alternative to smoking. Marijuana can be cooked into butter, as THC is fat soluble; when cooking the marijuana, the THC binds itself to the fat molecules in the butter, which gives the butter the medicinal properties of THC. Then this butter can be used in any variety of foods but most typically the pot brownie. Edibles don’t cause any of the lung and throat irritation that smoking does, and has slightly different effects on the user. The high is drowsier and comes on later, sometimes a half an hour or more after consumption. These can be good for those who don’t want to smoke, like to cook, and need steady doses of marijuana throughout the day.

Ways to Use Medical Cannabis - DrinkingDRINKING

Marijuana tinctures are less common but provide benefits similar to those of edibles. They can be made in two ways: one uses vegetable glycerin and one uses alcohol. Both methods involve letting marijuana sit over a long period of time, until the THC has been absorbed by the solution. Then the tincture can be consumed drop by drop, which gives patients more control over dosage than many edibles would. This is not as popular a method due to the long preparation time and possible loss of potency over that time period. The onset isn’t as fast as smoking, and is more comparable to that of edibles.

Ways to Use MMJ - PillsPILL

Marijuana has been manufactured into synthetic pill form as well, known as marinol, offering patients a medicinal option they may be more familiar with. The pill works just like any other, and start kicking in after 30 minutes to an hour, making them much comparable to an edible or tincture option. The choice is mainly personal preference.

Ways to Use Medical Cannabis - VapingVAPING

Vaporizers are the newest trend in the realm of smoking. Marijuana vaporizers use a heated ceramic piece to vaporize THC without burning it, which means users inhale no smoke in. The onset is the same as smoking. This is beneficial to patients who are worried about the potential risks that come with smoking, yet want the immediate relief that smoking brings.

In Summary

To all Florida citizens who are looking to use medicinal marijuana for quick relief: smoking or vaporizing will be sufficient. For those who want to avoid coughing, and don’t mind a delayed onset of effects, edibles, tinctures and THC pills will be great options that should be made available at our state’s future dispensaries.

Do you know of other ways to use medical marijuana? Feel free to comment below!

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