June 23, 2014
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Exclusive Interviews with a Marijuana Legal Expert and the COO of BioTrack THC — what TCTHCReleases “The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act of 2014” means to Floridians


Palm Beach County, Fla. (June 23, 2014) – Florida has become the 23rd state to pass medical marijuana legislation, which will become effective in January 2015. Understanding the intricacies of the Florida law known as “Charlotte’s Web” is critical for Floridians, so asked the experts.

“First and foremost people need to understand that even when the law goes into effect in January, marijuana is still illegal under Florida law, with the exception of very limited exceptions carved out by the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act,” says David Shiner, of Boca Raton – based Shiner Law Group. “You can’t go to your medicine cabinet, grab a joint, sit on your porch and light up, thinking you won’t get arrested.”


The complications of the federal versus state law, as well as the restrictions within the bill itself, present more challenges for the distribution of the drug than most may assume.
“It is in everyone’s interest to be in compliance,” says BiotrackTHC Chief Operating Officer Patrick Vo.  “In August 2013 the Department of Justice released a memo that basically stated that those states and businesses that implement strong and effective systems of controls will be a low priority for prosecution.” explores the details behind the law in its exclusive interviews with Patrick Vo, COO of BioTrack THC, the oldest and most experienced tracking company in North America, and David Shiner, principal of The Shiner Law Group, who is one of the preeminent legal experts on medical marijuana.

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