A Personal Experience With Medical Marijuana Strain Called Girl Scout Cookies

This medical strain is complex; an OG Kush combined with Durban Poison (F1), and possibly Cherry Kush crossed again with an OG Kush male. Durban Poison is a landrace strain, of one of a few 100 percent Sativas originating out of Africa. OG Kush is Indica dominant, a very potent strain. Girl Scout Cookies is Indica dominant with heavy Sativa influence, probably a 60/40 hybrid. You get the best of both worlds with a ratio like this.

Believe what you want, the results speak for themselves as Girl Scout Cookies was named one of High Times Top 25 Greatest All-Time Strains in October 2014. Impressive for a relatively new strain introduced in 2011. This California Bay-area marijuana has won numerous Cannabis Cups since it first hit the scene.

This medium height plant has plenty of branching for your budding pleasure -- the green and purple buds are somewhat dense but light, covered with orange hairs, trichomes and resin. Its Sativa-like twisting calyxes make for a very pretty bud. The buds are light to dark green thanks to the Durban Poison, purple highlights are courtesy of OG Kush. Give your hard-to-grow plant a good nine to ten weeks to fully bloom and you will be rich in cookies. Growers tell me it is well worth the effort to grow this strain.

The smell is a standout with a minty sweet touch, along with strong earthy overtones. The THC content has measured out at around 18 to 23 percent and CBD content at 0.09 to 0.2 percent. Pretty darn good. The smoke is smooth and sweet, once described as “candy floss” with spice undertones.

The high has been described as just the right balance of headiness and heaviness – meaning this is a good combination of cerebral activity with both pain management and relaxation characteristics. The buzz is a big seller and has been noted to last well over two hours. It has been described by a reviewer as, “full body relaxation with time bending cerebral space”. This medicine is said to quell anxiety while inducing an enjoyable cerebral high. This is a powerful cerebrally stimulating experience plus a bit of couchlock and lethargy. It may lighten your mood and then take you to a heavy contemplative place while you are couchlocked, but wherever it takes you is going to be cool.

Anyhoo, recommendations for Girl Scout Cookies are written for conditions such as severe pain, nausea and appetite loss Also for sleep problems, general stress, neuropathy, muscle spasms and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. The only warning worth mentioning about this med is that whatsoever you inhale, will expand in your chest. Be warned.