Cannabis Sweet Guide for Valentine's Day

The right strain of cannabis really enhances a romantic Valentine's Day experience. In today's post we'd like to share a guide of some of our favorite strains for the occasion, and some ideas about how to incorporate them into your traditional sweet treats!

Valentine's Strains For Love Buds

Generally speaking, you're going to want to start the night off with a sativa (or hybrid) for its naturally stimulating and energetic qualities as well as the enhancement of focus it provides. When you're ready for bed, consider switching to an indica to help wind down and relax.

Sativas to try:

  • Love Potion #1: This very appropriately named strain is highly stimulating to the libido. It also has a mild and pleasant lemon citrusy flavor and scent.
  • Kushage: Like Love Potion, this strain seems designed specifically to wake up the libido. It has an intriguing aroma that smells like pine, but sweeter, and also has pain-relieving qualities.
  • Maui Wowie: This longstanding classic is actually great for both energizing you and reducing inhibitions. Just be prepared for it to have a long-lasting effect!
  • Jack Herer: Going out on a first date, or still in the early dating stages where intimacy is still a little awkward? You'll want something that inhibits anxiety, but most of those are indicas that will also make you sleepy and mentally dull. Jack Herer comes to the rescue with an energizing effect that comes in slowly and gradually while also blunting social anxiety immediately. Hit it just before the date begins for best effect.
  • Chocolate: Instead of a box of chocolate, how about a box of Chocolope? This super-popular and award-winning sativa is awesome for energy and focus and will perk you up immediately. Be aware that the smell is not the most romantic thing ever, however, definitely being a bit on the skunky side.

Indicas to try:

  • Valentine X: This one is more appropriate for relaxation after romance, as it's high in CBD and very low in THC. The name actually refers to the fact that Valentine was the patron saint of epilepsy rather than for the holiday.
  • Love Potion #9: This is actually perfect to pair with Love Potion #1, as it'll induce a sense of cuddly sleepiness and happy warmth if taken before you drift off for the night.
  • Blue Diamond: If you're planning on having a late dinner right before bed, try Blue Diamond. It will perk up your appetite and make your food taste amazing, then (along with the carbs) will help you drift pleasantly off to sleep when you're done.

Cannabis Sweet Treats

A hallmark of the holiday is indulging in some nice sweets, so why not add cannabis to the mix here? There's all sorts of pre-packaged edibles available these days, but specific types and brands really vary widely between regions (and even individual dispensaries), so instead we're going to list some DIY recipes that are relatively easy to put together.

Just remember that if this is your first time with edibles, or you only rarely dabble in them, go easy! They tend to hit much harder than vaping or smoking a comparable amount dose, and they usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to really kick in. Mixing indicas with your sweets is a good way to cap off the night, giving you that relaxing effect without the potent psychoactive high.


If you want to bake up some of your own cannabis treats from scratch, the best way to do it is to whip up some cannabutter in advance. Basically, you're just infusing regular butter with cannabis, which you can then substitute in to any recipe that calls for butter (or top pre-made sweets like muffins or cornbread off with it ... you can even add it to popcorn while watching a movie).

There's a few different methods for making cannabutter, but all of them are pretty simple and straightforward. High Times has an awesome hands-on scientific comparison of which extraction method produces the most potent butter that is definitely worth checking out, and it has links to all the different recipes. If you just want to get going ASAP with a very simple recipe, we recommend this Food Republic article, which simply has you melt butter in a saucepan on low heat while gradually stirring in the buds over the course of 45 minutes. You can make this in advance and refrigerate it for a couple of weeks without it losing any potency.

Adding Plant Material To Foods

If you don't feel like cooking from scratch, or even baking up a Betty Crocker pre-mix, it is certainly possible to just add some bud to existing food. The only issue here is that eating raw plant material won't have any of the desired effect, because it has to be heated to at least 180 degrees for the cannabinoids to bond with a source of fat and be digested properly.

That's the whole reason behind making cannabutter, but as long as you're mixing the plant material with something that contains fat and baking it, you'll come out with potent edibles. Nutella is really popular for this purpose, and any nut butter will work well too. This is something of an inexact science but conventional wisdom is to keep the oven or stove just below 200 degrees so as to provide enough temperature for the fat and cannabis to bond but to not overdo it and start breaking down cannabinoids.

Whichever route you decide to take, we hope you enjoy the holiday and have a sweet time!