Here's our review of the strain FOG or Fruit of God

When I first picked up this strain and learned of its name, FOG, I thought, this has to be good. Then I looked it up on the ‘net and saw that it stood for “Fruit of God.” Heavy duty expectations of a kick-ass weed. It did not disappoint. Left-leg sciatica pain disbursed, lowering my pain level to a manageable two. For anyone suffering from neuropathic pain, you know what a Godsend this is for us who experience and live it every day.

This mostly Sativa hybrid is thought to have been created by Harry at Delta 9 Lab. Not sure what that means but someone did some creative thinking when they put together Northern Lights and Skunk No. 1. Eighty percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica is the most quoted mix but the buds really show a lot of Indica characteristics.

The tight Indica-like buds were covered with a light to middling green color with a heavy coating of trichomes and red hairs. I found that cutting this bud up was the most efficient and kindest way to handle this heavy-duty beauty. Grinding this bud somehow seemed sadistic.

The smell is all encompassing. You won’t want to take the flowers away. It is the quintessential great weed smell that is unforgettable. I literally wanted to breathe through this bag. Yeah, I know, a bit obsessive.

One of the amazing things I discovered about this weed is that even at my level of consumption, the oz was loaded with eight-gram buds! Massive on this street level of purchasing. But my dealer is high quality, offering medicinal buds from various MMJ states. I am extremely lucky to have a well-connected dealer.

The first hit will tickle your lungs and impart a taste I can’t describe but which activated my salivary glands and gave the edges of my tongue a slight tingle. Like a floral or hazy flavored strain. A gentle waft of mary jane. Two hits and my head was floating above my neck. Hmm…I thought. It is a great feeling when enjoying early morning coffee in bed. The hit is pretty lung expansive so get ready for that in the morn.

Four hits and I found myself being pulled to PBS’s “Dinosaur Train” on the telly. Daddy dinosaurs have a fishing contest. Conflict ensues. How is this solved? Compromise – all are winners! Oh god, did I really watch that?

Five hits and I had Chinese Eyes. I can say that because I am Asian-American. But seriously, my eyelids have a case of the droops. I am far too relaxed to move anywhere or care. And folks, this is not my usual look. I am not Chinese.

F.O.G. proved its name when it won the 2006 Cannabis Cup. And she has been growing stronger ever since. With an average THC level at nearly 14 percent, it has topped out at a great 21 percent THC in competitions. Because of its Sativa-dominant strain, this is a good daytime MMJ. Look for a cerebral high; mild body relaxation; stress relief and pain control.

Medical marijuana uses are for nausea; loss of appetite; energetic and euphoric moods; and a focused, creative mindset.