A Personal Experience With Medical Marijuana Strain Called Fire OG

This Girl is On Fire! Okay, yeah, I know. The Overplayed Song….But really, with all the sparkling trichomes and the red hairs covering these luscious flowers, this girl earns her name! This clone-only specimen features an OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG Kush, a F3 hybrid. Hence, the 70/30 ratio of Indica and Sativa mix. This is believed to be one of the best medical marijuana strains to grow and use. THC ranges from 19 to a brain-numbing 33 percent. Smoking this medicine is not recommended for newbies because of the risk of severe couch lock.

Fire OG enjoys the warmer climes for outdoor growing and indoor grow rooms for Northern European growers. These medium-sized plants flower for about nine to ten weeks. These flowers are heavily frosted in trichomes and resin with fiery orange hairs. One should note that between the eighth and ninth week of flowering, there is a near doubling of resin. The aroma is spicy and floral with the smoke smooth and thick. The taste is earthier than the aroma would have you believe but it leaves a tanginess flavoring your mouth. Some describe it as lemon and pine.

One user described Fire OG as “…it is extremely relaxing, yet in a confusing, contradictory way, it energizes you and influences motivation”. Okay…then…

Both Indica and Sativa strains contribute to the energized cerebral feeling one gets yet it ensconces you in a lovely body buzz. Great “wake and bake” weed but not the best choice if you are seeking serious pain relief.

Most don’t experience any crash at the end of the high like one sometimes feels with a typical Indica. But some side effects have been reported by patients. They are paranoia, slight dizziness and an increased chance of anxiety. The latter is probably due to the fact that smoking cannabis increases your heart beats per minute, tap dancing around the edge of an anxiety attack.

It is potent enough to couch lock you under the right circumstances, so smoke it judiciously. And maybe consider it a night-time use med if you are new to the scene. After the munchies march right in and you finish pigging out, you may, perchance, go to sleep. Which is why Fire OG, a top-shelf pick, is prescribed so often for insomnia. Other medical marijuana uses include: anxiety; night terrors; lack of motivation; a sedative; deep muscle relaxation; nausea; migraines; depression; some pain and mood.