A Personal Experience With Medical Marijuana Strain Called Cheese

The Cheese strain of medical cannabis originates from the hills of Southern England! Surprised? Me too. The Brits developing marijuana strains? This is an Indica-dominant strain with, yes, a cheesy aroma and a fruity undertone. This strain was created by crossing Skunk No. 1 and Afghani Indica (Master Kush) by Big Buddha Buds. This particular breeding combination was selected to maximize trichome development. This is a great sea-of-green candidate because of its low and bushy growth habit. Average height is about 32 inches, ideal for indoor grows.

For a little plant, you can expect about 700 (!) grams if you let the plant fully flower for about eight to ten weeks. This results in the typical Indica budding pattern of wrapping tightly around the main stem with many branches. THC levels average about 15 to 20 percent. This strain is ideal for medical marijuana patients dealing with pain, mood and appetite issues.The smoke is smooth with both a clear-headed and a stony body high.

Personal experience with a friend’s input:

“This weed affects my eyes first, vision becomes brighter in color but flatter in dimensions, like the 3rd dimension receded into the background.” Interesting. I know people say this is a 50/50 blend of Sativa and Indica phenotypes. But really, closer examination of this strain will reveal that the Indica characteristics are dominant. “The buzz settled body and mind disturbances. You are left with a feeling of calmness.”

Couch-lock lasts an hour or two but then you are ready to stretch out and move.

This blend, because of its Sativa effects, lifts moods, alleviates pain and stress, relieves anxiety, and can be considered an antidepressant because of its mood-altering qualities. All I know is that this writer, affected by life-long depression, gets relief from that dark place with the use of medical cannabis. Dying is not on the menu today. The overall buzz is a pleasant melding of body, mind and soul relaxation that lasts a reasonable time, long enough to lift one’s spirit.

If you are a music fan, you will dig what Cheese does to your ear-brain-heart connection. Music sounds richer and whether pondering musical or lyrical messages, all seem significant. Music becomes a physical sensation. “Cheese seems to have removed the top of my skull, which then allows the purity of this phenomenon to be really striking,” said a friend, describing her buzz. “I’m happy for it.” If you can find Cheese, buy some and smoke deeply of this plant. Your mood will appreciate it.