Captain America OG Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Digging into an ounce of Captain America OG is like digging into a bag of citrus with a diesel lemony aroma that hits your olfactory senses hard. You will not be able to stop yourself from holding the bag of Captain America OG up to your nostrils for a huge inhale of this hybrid. Nice.

This predominantly Sativa hybrid has been known as a medical marijuana (MMJ) strain since about 2011, when it really hit the cannabis scene. With THC levels averaging 24 percent and CBD levels at 0.40 percent, this is more of a daytime weed due to its uplifting, cerebrally stimulating qualities. The high energizes your butt and you may just clean out your garage and donate stuff to Goodwill. The good news is that Captain America OG has mild pain-relieving qualities, excellent for you weekend warriors.

These rust-colored, tight buds are heavy in red-orange hairs against a light to dark leafed foliage. In the right light, these buds sparkle with trichome crystals. They may actually have a frosty look about them, and so proper handling of these buds is important. I use a small scissor to trim the bud down to fit my pipe so I minimize touching this loaded nug. It leaves sticky residue on my scissor but that seems to be true of most MMJ weed.

According to outside of the U.S., published reports on medical cannabis and in-country anecdotal accounts, Captain America OG may relieve stress; arthritis; muscle spasms, nausea and mild chronic physical pain. Body effects of this cannabis has been noted as “moderate.”

Perhaps the only drawback for this hybrid is that the user is cautioned against over-using this weed. If you are prone to anxiety, a slow with a low dose is the way to go. Too much of this sativa-dominant hybrid and you may find yourself in a paranoia fog for a bit. Unpleasant, to say the least. So proceed with caution if you are prone to anxiety attacks or paranoia if you smoke too much.

It has been noticed that in low doses, this strain increases sociability with an increase in those reporting an uplifted mood. Giggling may be contagious. So as they say, and I really mean it, “Have a Nice Day” on Captain America OG.