Do You Have Back Pain? Here's the 411 for Relief!

This review on Blue Dream MMJ is going to be coming from a personal viewpoint so you can take it or leave it. Don’t make me no never mind. This, I find true for me.

When Blue Dream came into my life, I had extreme pain from a pinched sciatic nerve in my lumbar region of my spine. Anyone who has experienced this, knows the pain can be excruciating and walking can be impossible. So can getting into a comfortable resting position. Sciatic nerve pain really f'ing sucks. Every movement that involves your spine – all of them! – hurts like an atomic explosion in your affected body part. Mine is my left leg. Three weeks of physical therapy hasn’t alleviated much of the pain. But what has helped me is smoking Blue Dream.

The blueberry taste can be quite prominent, if you are sensitive to tastes and smells. You can also taste the heaviness of the Haze, a sativa of the finest quality. There is a debate as to the percentage of Indica and Sativa mix. My humble opinion is that there is a bit more indica than sativa though this is a significant part of the mix. So maybe 60/40 indica and sativa mix? I don’t grow Blue Dream so I am not absolutely certain about this hybrid.

The pain-killing qualities of this strain is wonderfully effective. It is a matter of a couple, three, hits and you can feel the nice flush of pain-free moving. Movements feel light and effortless as you don’t feel the sharp pain of muscles with pinched nerves or the grinding of bone on nerve. Impressive.

Now this will not be the result for some of you as we all differ physiologically. If the basic problem is pain, you may do well to get a more indica-heavy cannabis oil, or tincture or pills. But a small, miniscule bit of THC may help with pain alleviation so it is a needed component for pain relief.

But as both you and I know, THC is the ingredient that is cerebrally stimulating and in this case, it really helps you soar away from your pain. As you don’t feel the crippling pain, your mind frees itself and your body to do the next big thing that occurs to you. Hiking that new trail, shopping for essentials, a long leisurely hot or cold shower. Whatever floats your boat. This painless period can last as long as two precious hours. Doesn’t seem like a long period of time on paper but when you are living it, that is precious indeed.

Blue Dream leaves me clear-headed and practically free to think upon whatever subject I select, whether picking out clothes to wear today to what, again, is that quadratic formula for that damned Algebra II class.

I have published articles for which I was stoned on Blue Dream and not a word was mentioned about them. I am not saying, “Everyone, go to work stoned.” Far from it. I would like some cannabis use for chronic pain or muscle spasms allowed in the public sector without those employees getting into trouble. If you have never experienced chronic pain, it ………. SUCKSSUCKSSUCKS….” And it really colors your experience of that day.

Blue Dream also allows me to comfortably walk with nary a limp. I have almost complete range of motion and no numbness, tingling or pins and needles in my left leg or foot. This is what I deem effective for me. Freedom from crippling pain.

The buds of this strain were not purely Indica tight. They were relatively loose for an indica strain but one must remember this is almost half sativa so there is a certain amount of looseness. This bud is also heavily coated with trichomes, delicious little bits of cannabinoids. Smoke it slow, if you can. Any which way, make the most of it.

If you can purchase it in tinctures or pills, you are lucky, as the dosage is a little more exacting than smoking Blue Dream. But the pain-killing qualities should be quite prominent with extracts, same as smoking the medicine.

Okay, gotta admit, I pay a pretty penny for my Blue Dream but it is worth it and I dole it out like the medication it is. That way I don’t burn my way through it, as a chronic is wont to do. I have tried to awaken the side of me that says, “Okay, you are alright right now.” Still practicing. But getting better.

So those with neuropathic or nociceptive pain is encouraged to try Blue Dream MMJ. Studies have shown MMJ to be effective against pain created by defective body joints or pain associated with nerve-associated ailments. At the very least, you will have a nice high with a body-numbing that will not distract. Ciao, baby.