A Personal Experience With Medical Marijuana Strain Called Blue Dragon

This strong medical marijuana is an Indica-dominant (slightly) strain that is good for relieving pain and other ailments. With an average of about 14 percent THC, the high can be found around a whopping 24 percent. The mix of Indica and Sativa is about 60/40. Which makes for a powerful MMJ.

A mix of Blueberry and Sour Diesel, this strain smokes a smooth berry taste with an undertone of Diesel. Buds are typical Indica – tight, dense nuggets. Typically, dark green with a heavy coating of pistils and trichomes, the buzz is euphoric and body heavy because of the hybrid qualities. So though you may be inspired to accomplish something, the body high may not allow it. You could be couchlocked. But even this state is a pleasant and enjoyable two-hour high.

As mentioned earlier, this is a potent MMJ. Some of the known chronic illnesses for which MMJ include nausea; anxiety; insomnia; body pain; cancer pain and other side effects of treatment; depression; epilepsy and AIDS/HIV. Blue Dragon is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, inflammation is the origin of much pain in sufferers. Women will be pleased to learn that this strain has been noted to help with PMS and other menstration-related pain.

So if you need relief of pain, anxiety and other ailments, check out Blue Dragon. You may be amazed.